The Fried Chicken Cartel

Buckets Of KFC Chicken Smuggled Through Tunnel In Gaza Strip For $30 « CBS Cleveland.

People in the conflicted region can now satisfy cravings for food from the Louisville-based fast food headquarters by ordering through a company that charges the American equivalent of $30 for smugglers to bring the greasy goods from Al-Arish in Egypt to the doorsteps of hungry customers.

LOL.  South Park called it!  The episode Medicinal Fried Chicken from 2010 had Cartman running a KFC smuggling ring.  Looks like someone in Egypt is a South Park fan.

IRS Softball Team: The Cheetahs


This story is funny. Also disgusting…  IRS Ducks GOP Softballs | Washington Free Beacon.

If this is true, it is funny that they are in such a terrible position that they are scared to play the GOP team,  but the disgusting part is the IRS team name: The Cheetahs.  These people have such great disdain for the American people that they think it is okay to name their team The Cheetahs?  I do not think that is funny.  Repeal the IRS now!

Recent Reads 1: Some Good, Some Great, Some Awful

Infantry Attacks - Erwin RommelI found Infantry Attacks on a bargain books shelf on my way to pay for a few other books I had picked up.  It was only $5 dollars or so, so I figured it was worth picking up.  It turned out to be some of the best few dollars I’ve spent in a long time.

Infantry Attacks is the personal account and analysis of Erwin Rommel’s experiences as an infantry officer in World War I.  Throughout, his philosophy is clear; always attack.  This attack first strategy led Rommel and his men to victory after victory from the beginning of The Great War in 1914 until he was promoted to a headquarters position in 1918.  In all those battles he suffered only a single minor defeat.  Unfortunately, Infantry Attacks was not widely read in the period between the wars.  Perhaps if more allied officers had read it, they would have been more prepared to face Rommel when he returned in World War II as a Panzer commander.

If you enjoy military history and can get through all the minutiae of force structure and tactics, this is an excellent read.  I could not recommend it more strongly.


I have never read anything by Robin Cook before.  I do not expect I will read anything from Robin Cook in the future.  Nano is one of the worst books I have ever read.  Or rather, attempted to read.  I got about a third of the way through and was so turned off that I closed it up and found something else to read.

If enjoy reading about a weak, clueless heroine, stumbling around into one problem after another, and a pathetic, fawning male sidekick adoringly following her around and trying to save her from trouble, this is the book for you.  Also, be prepared to read the word microbivore at least once per page; sometimes more than once per paragraph.  I have already wasted too much time writing this than the book is worth.


Thousands have read and written about Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five before me, so I am not going to go into detail here.  I will say that it was enjoyable to read and I can not disagree more with his views.  Boiled down to its essence, Slaughterhouse Five essentially describes the modern left; anti-war with a strange belief in atheistic/scientific predetermination.

If not for the good writing and an entertaining scifi story, Vonnegut’s views would be unbearable.  Slaughterhouse Five is worth reading if you enjoy weird scifi and can look past the ideology.

Internet Gun Sales Explained


Mention internet gun sales to gun grabbers and they generally start hyperventilating.  Mention it to most of the general public who do not pay attention to gun politics and they will probably tell you how that is a dangerous, scary idea, and how any crazy murderer could be going online and buying a machine gun.  The gun grabbers are generally ignorant of the truth, but that doesn’t matter because their ideology is more important than truth to them.  However, the average person can be helped to understand the issue with just a little explanation.

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You Didn’t Raise That!


Melisa Harris-Perry is a political science professor at Tulane University.  She is also the host of an amazingly bad MSNBC program that you have probably never seen.  Recently, in a “Lean Forward” ad promoting MSNBC and statism, MHP opined on our lack of public education funding and how best to view children.  Perry said “We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we’ve always had kind of a private notion of children”.

A private notion of children?  Yes, she means what you think she means.  Children are part of a collective and families are obstacles.  She is insisting that we would have invested as much as we ‘should’ in public education if we didn’t look at children as private members of families.  It’s one thing to make a case for public education funding, local communities do this all the time with levies, it’s quite another to declare the family unit as a hindrance to that funding.

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The “Conservative” Background Check Compromise?


Senators Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey have apparently completed a bipartisan compromise to bring common sense gun control legislation to the Senate floor.

From the article

“This amendment is a genuine compromise,” Toomey said.

“This is common sense. This is gun sense,” Manchin added.

Manchin said “common sense” so we know this dumb from the start.  Also, “gun sense”?  Now you’re just making up phrases to try to woo gun owners Senator.

It’s unclear whether the proposal, by two lawmakers who are on the conservative end of their respective parties, will sway wavering senators ahead of a Thursday test vote.

Conservative?  Manchin may be a bit to the right of his far-left socialist party, but Toomey is no right-winger.  Just remember Senator Toomey, the liberals in the media may be fawning over you now because you are helping them with their cause du jour, but they will dump you like dirty underwear as soon as the news cycle turns.

The compromise supposedly requires background checks for gunshows and online sales, but exempts some privates transfers.  Show me the text of the legislation.  Gunshows and online sales are nothing more than forums for private sells and buyers, so why do they need background checks at all if other private sales do not?

Also, MAIG released a statement.  They approve of the compromise, which means all Senate Republicans should run from it like their political lives depend on it.

Texas Protecting the Second Amendment by Legalizing Switchblades?


Nearly everyday I read something that makes Texas look better and better.  Today, after writing about the Texas Stabber and knife rights, I read this, Lawmakers consider legalizing switchblades – SFGate.

Taking up a cause dear to hunters and hikers, a Texas lawmaker argued the case for legalizing switchblades on Tuesday, noting that the small knives are currently listed alongside machine guns, explosives and chemical weapons on a list of prohibited arms.

I would love to see something like this in Ohio.  Knives in general are legal here, but you can’t carry legally and switchblades are verboten.  Even out concealed carry license is a CHL, handguns only.  So getting stopped with a small knife in your pocket, something most people might not even realize is illegal,  can land you in the clink with serious charges.


Mr. President, Listen to the Professionals

obama-police just released the results from a poll of nearly 15,000 police officers across the country, asking what they thought of the new gun control measures being pushed by the President.  The results were not at all in the Presidents favor.  Read the complete results here, it is worth your time.  Considering that the federal assault weapons ban and magazine restrictions appear to be dead in the water, and only the universal background checks bill seems to have any momentum, here are the results that I think are the most relevant…

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